An important factor in career success is the ability/attitude to be a team player. Even if you don’t work on a “team,” your actions and attitudes on the job affect other employees. This is particularly true in the field of manufacturing/industry labor. So skip the entitlement attitude or focus on what’s the bottom-line for you and put on your “team jersey.” Consider these traits of true team players and evaluate yourself. Be honest – lying to yourself will only hurt you and your career in the big picture.

1. Communicates: A team player shares vital information consistently and clearly, ensuring that everyone knows what is supposed to happen, what is happening, and where to go next.
2. Builds Trust: A team player is reliable, assessable, and adaptable. This creates a sense of trust and respect among all players. Furthermore, your coworkers will know they can depend on you when glitches happen.
3. Accepts assignments willingly: He/she is self- motivated, participates in activities, and stays involved until the objective is completed.
4. Acknowledges accolades with grace: They know what they are good at and use those skills for the big picture, but they are also quick to give credit to others wherever and whenever it’s due.
5. Embraces diversity: Team players recognize that different ideas, methods, etc. can often be blended to make a better whole. Even when they disagree, they do it with respect.
6. Are passionate: Team players care bout their world and the people in it. They are passionate about what they do and focus on the positive rather than the negative.

It isn’t hard to understand why cultivating these traits will make you a better team player. They will strengthen your career and ensure growth for both you and the company your where you work.

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